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Male  DVSNGH (offline)
Feb 19th, 2012 at 2:57 amThread
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I figured what the hell, I'll just dump it on here, have fun reading (whoever the fuck cares)...

DVSNGH "Official Shoot Interview (Q&A)" (02/17/12)


Q#1: So what exactly is the deal here? (1 down, 99 to go)
Well, for the fuck's sake of it, I'm just going to list 100 questions (one may be curious in knowing about me) and successfully answer each (to a maximum of 3 lines)... Why though, cause I've been told once or twice, I tend to "give off more questions, then answers" (based on the "way " supposedly act").

Q#2: So, this is you (DVSNGH) interviewing yourself, creepy much? (2 down, 98 to go)
Yeah, it is creepy much, but I got the time to do it... I mean, I do have a job (not saying where, but it's in restaraunt, keep it at that), but just not getting the hours I want... Don't feel like looking for a second job, though I kinda do have one, you know (trying desperately hard to find a girlfriend).

Q#3: OMG, you're so lame, you realize how lame you come off? (3 down, 97 to go)
Of course I do, but I mean, how else am I suppose to come off... Pretend like I'm some player (who always get girls), or a lair (saying I just broke up with my girl), it's just not me... I rather be accepted for who I am, and if that can never be, well... there's "the exit" (in blunt terms, suicide, alright?).

Q#4: Why do you say the "S" word so openly like that (it's a lil risque)? (4 down, 96 to go)
Okay, I realize that's a somewhat sensitive word, that I really shouldn't be using so openly... And I may have gotten in trouble (understatement) in the past, whether saying it directly or metaphorically, but I feel it's part of my persona to drop in a teaspoon of "reality" (or "real talks") into my writing.

Q#5: But don't you know the "S" word is a "buzzkill" to the females? (5 down, 95 to go)
Indeed, it is, and I try to not to let that thought get to me... But I just have to state the "conditions" as it is, and be real to myself and what I'm writing, and hope for "light at the end of the tunnel" (depending on how many girls read through this)... I may not have to "end everything" afterall.

Q#6: Which leads to ask, who would be dumb enough, to read all this? (6 down, 94 to go)
Hey, word to myself, shut the fuck up (and be more respectful to the people reading this)... While there are some in "collars n' ties w' badges", being paid "tax payers money" to read this, I say they go to hell... But if any girls were "considering", I say, this Q&A offers "a great insight" about me.

Q#7: Can you explain to us a little more about this word "insight"? (7 down, 93 to go)
Well, what I mean is, I think I have alot to give for a girl possibly "considering me"... I mean, imagine a girl sick of being cheated on by her boy<friend, or having a boyfriend that always forgets her birthday, or a boyfriend who just sits all day playing sports and video games... I offer "change".

Q#8: What exactly is "change"? Obama promised "change" and look what (8 down, 92 to go)
Okay, so I agreed not to talk politics, many people tune out when they hear politics... But quick note... "Obama vs. Ron Paul 2012!", I hope it happens, but probably won't ("Mittens" will challenge, and fail, just my thought)... But I hope to bring "change" for the better, in both our lives, not just mine.

Q#9: So are you promising you would be the ideal, perfect boyfriend? (9 down, 91 to go)
No, I can't really "hype" myself as such, seeing as I've never "taken upon the position" before... So, it would be real interesting to see if I can or can't "keep up" with a girl in my duties of "such role", if I was successfully elected into the position (of, you know, finally being some girl's boyfriend).

Q#10: Why do you type things as such... boyfriend... and girlfriend? (10 down, 90 to go)
The reasons for, well, it's quite disturbing matter to get into (which I'm afraid to really process into words here)... But something inside of me has developed, in the past some months, which leads me to have to write/type "that" as such... And, well, I can't do it without the between the words.

Q#11: Need you explain just a tad bit more about the whole "" thing? (11 down, 89 to go)
Fuck off, alright, fine then... Well, to sum matters up real briefly, let's just say I started to get real "weary" whenever I would hear/read the word "girlfriend" wherever abouts it be (radio, tv, print, hearsay)... To the point I completely stopped listening to talk radio and 90% now avoid television.

Q#12: I see, that's cool (well not really), care to share some examples? (12 down, 88 to go)
Okay, sure, no problem... I used to love internet radio, particularly about wrestling (which I was once big into, not anymore), and one show I liked for close to 10 years was "Live Audio Wrestling"... Then I heard one the hosts mention about his GirlFriend, and I got so angry, and never tuned in again.

Q#13: Wow, quite sensitive much, have you ever seeked "help"? (13 down, 87 to go)
LOL, well, there might have been 5 or 6 separate "attempts" to get it (eached failed)... I was even told by a pyschologist, many years back, how I needed a "hand to hand" guide through life... And how, he coulda been the one to do so, but I only had 3 "free appointments" (so either I pay or fuck off).

Q#14: Now that you work, do you consider paying, if "free help" sucks (14 down, 86 to go)
Yeah, maybe a couple years ago, but not today... Let's just say, I tend to have a real negative stance on "today's doctors", and how I think 90% of them are full of shit... Doctors today aren't what they used to be, compared to previous decades, they're now puppets to "the big pharmaceuticals".

Q#15: So I take it that "medication" didn't work for you? (15 down, 85 to go)
No, it didn't, all they did was cause more problems than fix... I'd say I was given about 4 or 5 different kinds (over a period of 10 years, off them for 4 years now, thankfully), and they just fuck you over, and make you into a zombie... So, no matter how hard they "engineer" them, I refuse to take them.

Q#16: We just went through 15 questions, so far, you tired yet? (16 down, 84 to go)
Hell yeah, I don't think I'll be able to do all them, in just one sitting (not even 2 or 3)... Maybe if I was "unemployed", and had all the free time in the world, but I actually have to prepare for tommorow (02/05/12)... I have been scheduled to work "Super Bowl" night, so, I can't be tied up with this.

Q#17: So what should we do? Take five? (17 down, 83 to go)
I'm going to "make dinner" now, in the meantime, think of some ill questions to ask in the future... And imagine how uber lame (and long) this post will look by the end, might just be too embarrassed, and take it down permanently... No wait, this shit was "meant to be" read, so scratch that thought.

Q#18: Alright, we back gettin' this show runnin' now, or what? (18 down, 82 to go)
Sure, I guess I can take a couple more questions, before I head on to sleep... I just had dinner, and now I'm full, stomach no longer getting on my case anymore... I don't think we'd be able to make it to 100 Q's and A's, but let's see if we can make it to 50, if "we" fully put our minds to it (ROFLMAO).

Q#19: So you said you left to go "make dinner"? (19 down, 81 to go)
Yes, correct, I know how to cook... And while, I may be no chef and nor did I ever take cooking classes in the past, I know how to do simple cooking... Now how many boyfriends out there, not working in restaraunt or hospitality, are able to cook "from scratch" (the percent is rather small).

Q#20: Since you like to boast so much, so what did you make? (20 down, 80 to go)
I made "Chicken Teriyaki", with steamed vegetables, ontop white rice... Very simple step process... You thaw out and grill a boneless piece of chicken, cut up and steam some brocolli, and get some rice going in a small pot... Once all cooked, get out the sauce and heat it, and put it all together.

Q#21: Are you some kind of one dish wonder or can cook other stuff? (21 down, 79 to go)
A one dish wonder ain't what I am, if I can list all of the things I can cook, give me a moment to think... I can make spaghetti with ground meat, italian penne, tuna or chicken casserole, potato and egg salad (need I say more)... As well, I can hard boil, fry, scramble, poach eggs, and I too can bake.

Q#22: So you can cook, super duper, but what about "afterwards"? (22 down, 78 to go)
If "washing the dishes" is what you're hinting at, then okay, so what about it... I do wash dishes, and in most cases, happily volunteer in doing so... From what I hear, most boy<friends leave the dishes for the girl or whomever to do, but not the case with me (unless I suddenly get a stressful job?).

Q#23: Backtracking, for a second, "the point" in talking all this is what? (23 down, 77 to go)
Uh, it's to show what i have to offer, as a future potential boyfriend... I mean, if I was real good looking (and/or can lie my way into any girl's heart), I wouldn't have to go to the extents you see... The way I see life is like a movie, there's all this buildup, leading either to a "happy or tragic" ending.

Q#24: Uh Ohkay, please define, a "happy or tragic" ending? (WTF?) (24 down, 76 to go)
The happy ending is pretty fucking obvious, wouldn't you think, I finally find my first girlfriend... And though I call it "an ending", it isn't really, in actuality its "the beginning" of bigger, better things... But as far, the tragic ending goes, why go into seriously detail there (it should be, like, self-explanitory).

Q#25: Are you like mentally retarded or something (no offense)? (25 down, 75 to go)
LMAO, I don't know, maybe I am... I mean, I haven't been clinically diagnosed as having any sort of "mental malfunction", and people online can make all the judgements they like (as if they count)... Haven't had a family doctor for 6 straight years now, so yeah, answer shall remain "undetermined".


Q#26: Sorry, if last few questions were downers, shall we start over? (26 down, 74 to go)
Indeed, let's start over, I mean... The more we talk about such "down" subjects, the deeper the shit I might be getting myself into, gotta play more smart (despite the fact, this whole post is indeed quite dumb, but I don't fucking care)... But bring it on with "Chapter 2", now will ya, lots more to discuss.

Q#27: What exactly does the name "DVSNGH" mean? (27 down, 73 to go)
I spent hours one day, trying hard to think of an "appealing name" to go under, and I just gave up... So I scrambled a bunch of keys onto the keyboard, and out came "dvsngh", kinda like "xwvmcd"... But seriously no, I'm just joking, it's my name "DAVESINGH" minus the vowels (obviously).

Q#28: But your real name isn't Dave Singh, now is it? Speak up! (28 down, 72 to go)
My fucking real first name, that everyone follows me by, is Dave... But for the fuck's sake of not disgracing my family name, living here in Canada, I choose to go by the Singh name... Now am I related to any Singh's, might you ask, absolutely I am... My family, living in the USA, are Singhs

Q#29: So, bottom line, your name "you're using" is a lie/fake? (29 down, 71 to go)
No at all, but, if I'm understanding this correctly... According to the hindu concept, followed through within my family, the mother and children have to embrace the father's surname... So technically, by blood, I am still a Singh... But enough of this name/family BS, to more meaningful subjects, now.

Q#30: What's bad bout talking bout your family, they ashamed of you? (30 down, 70 to go)
As far as my inner-core (mother, father, siblings), there's a slight shame, but not quite bothersome... But as far as the outer-core goes, yes, I can feel a level of shame in the faces of most of them (upon family gatherings)... And the fact I've never had a girlfriend, which they all know, plays into that.

Q#31: Does your family know about "the website/blog"? (31 down, 69 to go)
When it comes to this site, and all my past sites/profiles/blogs, they have been kept "in the dark" from my family (despite them being publicly viewable for all to see)... Some may have a facebook or twitter, but as far as other social sites, I "luckily" never ever crossed paths with any of them there.

Q#32: Do you communicate with your family online (period)? (32 down, 68 to go)
Unfortunately, not at the moment, and nor had I ever... There been odd moments here and there, where they would ask me for "my facebook", or tell me that I should make one (at least for them)... But I keep brushing it off, so I dunno, maybe there's some things I don't wanna "leak out" to them.

Q#33: So what's your deal with Facebook and Twitter? (33 down, 67 to go)
My "deal" is I don't do facebook or twitter, in fact, I despise the existence and creation of those sites... I wish they never existed, cause before they did, other "social sites" were "the shit"... Then they came along, changed "everything", and sucked the life of all those other sites (once my home).

Q#34: Really though, what's your deal with Facebook and Twitter? (34 down, 66 to go)
Everything I said before, dummy, but need I go on more?... Yeah, I did have various attempts at a facebook and twitter, all unsuccessful ones... Let's just say, they (the moderators) make it "so difficult" to approach new people, to the point you just feel "weak and powerless" (and give up).

Q#35: What was your favorite social site (that Facebook/Twitter killed)? (35 down, 65 to go)
I can't name #1 fave, cause I had multiple profiles going at once, but to list them off my memory... Myspace, Vampirefreaks, Nexopia, Bebo, TheDilly, BlackPlanet, Faceparty, FaceTheJury, Tdotwire, MeetmeinTO, and more, I'd have to look up... And then FB/TW came and crippled them.

Q#36: So, you're one of the dinosuars, before the Facebook/Twitter age? (36 down, 64 to go)
Yes, that's exactly what I am, one of the bitter dinosaurs... Now there's probably people reading this, who love facebook and twitter, and think "amen!" to the fall of those other sites (or those who never heard of them)... Well, I guess, only those from that "era" could remember how better it "was" then.

Q#37: When would you describe "your best era" on any social site? (37 down, 63 to go)
It would probably be 2006, while on, before it became And mind you, was before I achieved my "lifetime ban" status, see previous post... I had somewhat long profile, which got 80% hate, mostly from jealous guys... Some the best girls I talked to, despite, never meeting.

Q#38: And when would you consider "your worst era" on a social site? (38 down, 62 to go)
Eventhough 2007 sucked, with (and the whole arrest deal), I still had girls talking to me
(positively)... But the last few years (2010 to present) has to be the worst, rarely ever do I get replies from girls, while clearly fucking seeing "their profile view" (wish I was just fucking dead already).

Q#39: Which site did you have the most "success" with girls? (39 down, 61 to go)
If you were measuring that by the amount of girls I met, face-to-face/in-person, off of one social site... The award goes to, where I believe, I met up with about 4 girls... And no, not a single one of them were "goths, ravers, emos or rockers", just ordinary "bored, clueless" females.

Q#40: And when exactly did this whole online "chickhunt" begin? (40 down, 60 to go)
I would say since 2002, I started making/registering profiles, with "the dream" of meeting other girls on those sites... But it was 2006, when I became increasingly more open with that dream, and trying alot harder... But here now, in 2012, I've made it blatantly, obvious clear as to what I want.

Q#41: Don't you find it embarrassing the way you "promote yourself"? (41 down, 59 to go)
Yeah, I can see how some people (understatement) aren't "diggin" what they see, when they analyze my profile/writings... But for the entire (365 days of) 2011, I went "profile-less", completely staying off social-networking websites... And not a single "love opportunity" came about, zero dates, nothing!

Q#42: What's different now as compared to previous online incarnations? (42 down, 58 to go)
Aside from new web name (DVSNGH), new layout/graphics, new cell, etc. etc.. etc... All seems to be the same, except I have a more stable job, and money is flowing in like never before... Perhaps, I could attempt to "persuade" girls with that money, but may GOD intervene (...and never let that be).

Q#43: So what is this you speak about GOD (and why all CAPS)? (43 down, 57 to go)
That's the way address "the almighty one" (what a joke), but yeah, GOD and I have a love-hate relationship... I would say ALL within my family is connected to GOD, and living quite satisfying, all but me... I may live in a "Hindu-protected" household, but that's to my parents, doesn't include me.

Q#44: Would you consider yourself one of those "cursed" people (loons)? (44 down, 56 to go)
While people who tend to have "those beliefs", may be seen in the eyes of some as "crazy", I see it as 100% "sanely believable"... There are people who are cursed, despite it coming off as "hoaky", it's rather unfair for one to judge another who believes such (especially when "all is well" in their lives).

Q#45: But you didn't answer me right, are you one of "those people"? (45 down, 55 to go)
Yes, abso-fucking-lutely I am one of "those people", so judge me all you want... And just cause I see things as such, doesn't mean "everything goes wrong in my life", only where it matters most dear to me is where "my unfortunancies" lie... The only way to break it, I feel, would be suicide (hate to say).

Q#46: So why haven't you made any "attempts" yet in trying to break it? (46 down, 55 to go)
Because I seem to keep hanging to little things in life, which prevent me from "attempting" such, though perhaps you could say those things were only meant to "stall the process"... But when all the pieces start to come into place, there will come a time, when the "attempt" seems 100% just right.

Q#47: What are some of these things that still keep you going in life? (47 down, 53 to go)
Well, music for one thing, is what keeps my interest sparking (always fascinated in what's new or seeing how artists progress)... And of course, fashion, whether it's men's fashion (something for me) or women's fashion (no need I explain)... And also, food is quite uplifting, big fan of the desserts.

Q#48: You tell me, what is it that "really" keeps you going in life? (48 down, 52 to go)
Fuck off, seriously, but if you so badly want to know... Porn, yes, pornography (you happy now?)... Not sure, if I really should be publicly admitting that, I just feel I should... But to say it straight out, what "I see in porn" is a reminder of what I could "potentially get", long as I don't kill myself obviously.

Q#49: So please entertain us all (cough... puke) with what porn you like? (49 down, 51 to go)
Cool, sure, no problem... I could probably list genres or fetishes or whatnot, but that would be lame, I'll just say it as this... I like both normal girls and transgendered girls, no matter what age/race/size, once they don't come off as dumb/boring/egotistical (oh, and, in both picture set and video format).

Q#50: Well can you at least explain "a porn scene" you thought was hot? (50 down, 50 to go)
Okay, pffft, fine then... I saw a scene not very long ago with 2 girls having a threesome with a guy, and the girls were doing yoga, and making a big deal over how the guy like "yoga pants" (as I indeed do myself)... And blahblahblah, in the end, the guy "let it all out" allover the back of the girl's pants.


Q#51: Congrats, we made it past the 50 mark, think you can do 50 more? (51 down, 49 to go)
Oh for sure, in fact, we may even need to schedule an "overtime" (if need be, in case I have the cravin' for more questions, muhahaha)... But I appreciated you giving me some "time off", you know, since I do have a job and certain obligations to fulfill... And now, I'm back and ready to go, so shoot!

Q#52: Where did we last leave off? Refresh my memory please! (52 down, 48 to go)
Well, we left off talking about porn, and how I just go crazy insane mental over girls in yoga pants... However, I think it's "inappropriate" to be talking bout that sorta thing, and it kinda goes against the end result of this Q&A... There's another time to talk about yoga pants, leggings, jeans, etc. etc. etc.

Q#53: What is the end result of this Q&A (besides looking more lame)? (53 down, 47 to go)
You do make a point, I will indeed look more lame, by the end of this... I mean, having already scared off 98% the girls (before coming to my website/blog), this only pushes that to 99%... But oh well, if I'm able to find my "true love" in that 1% who does survive in the end, it's all that really matters.

Q#54: How the fuck can you find "true love" over the fucking internet? (54 down, 46 to go)
You can actually, and quite easy, it's even happened to hundreds of millions of people (and by 2020, should reach billions, if the internet is as flexible as it is now)... All you have to do is not follow the narrow-minded chickenshit mentality that "tries to" make you think it's ridiculous and nonrealistic.

Q#55: Why don't you try to find "true love" like most people "at skool"? (55 down, 45 to go)
Yeah, sounds like a good concept, except I'm past that stage in life (hello!)... Plus, if I were to go "tour to tour" to every high school here in Brampton (proposing to girls to be my girlfriend), I think I'd more than likely end up in a "bad spot" (and be no more website/blog for MR. DVSNGH).

Q#56: Then fuck high schools, what about colleges and universities? (56 down, 44 to go)
Maybe it's "just me", but I think 90% of girls who go to college and university have "books" stuffed so far their throats n' vaginas n' assholes, they can't take "relationships" seriously... And if they do "opt" for one, it's to use more as a "structure/support" (mainly for themselves), than it is actual "love".

Q#57: Alright then, fuck, what about girls at your workplace? (57 down, 43 to go)
So yeah, let's see, been there bout 4 months now... And what can I really tell you, not a single "love opportunity" to my recalling, plus alot of them are stuckup... And dare I say it, 9/10 of them are dull and boring, both personality and appearancewise... There's one girl I did like, but she left, oh wells.

Q#58: What was so special about that "one girl"? (58 down, 42 to go)
Well, hate to make it about "race", but indeed she was the only "brown" girl I seen working there (not to be mixed with "black")... She worked mostly weekends, and I work weekdays, but I felt a slight progression between us (the few times we did work together)... But she just left for unknown reasons.

Q#59: Why don't you open your eyes/mind to girls of other races? (59 down, 41 to go)
Hey, it's not that I don't like girls of "other races", but I seem to feel rather "distanced" from them (by the way they acknowledge me)... Maybe I failed to pick up on their "sincerity" towards me, when I first started working there, andso they just react "blank" whenever they pass me (and I just smile).

Q#60: Well, what about the "1 outta 10" girls at work, you do like? (60 down, 40 to go)
Well well well... They all have "boyfriends", and have made notable mentions of it here and there, so that's real sweet... And strangely, they're the ones who act the nicest and most complimentary to me, while the rest choose to bypass... Seems like just another joke placed on me by GOD

Q#61: Where exactly do you work (if I may ask)? (61 down, 39 to go)
I choose not to share that information publicly, as much as I'm "open" about alot of things, (hell!) even having my personal cell number posted public... But clues are real sweet though, so it's a very famous Canadian-based restaraunt, located some abouts in Brampton (it's all you're gonna get!).

Q#62: Okay, fine, what exactly is your job position there? (62 down, 38 to go)
Again, I choose not to share that either, "lest not judge he" by what he does for an income... But what I can share is, it is "hard, physical labour", and "constant moving" from beginning to end (of shift)... I can definately say, it's "the most underrated position" to be in, when working restaraunt.

Q#63: Can you give us an analogy of what your job is like? (63 down, 37 to go)
Yes, I compare it to being "the drummer in the band" mainly cause I'm stuck in one spot 99% of the time (with no seat!)... Oh, and my arms have alot of "up and down", so definately lots of cardio going on there... While, the singers and guitarists get the attention, I do my own thing in the background.

Q#64: So how long have you worked at "blank?" doing "blank?" (64 down, 36 to go)
It's been 4 months now, as of this writing, and hopefully many more months (if not years) to come... Just as long I don't develop serious physical problems, I should be fine, but I'm definately not irreplaceable... Say, this "blog" were to "fuck me over", I would be quickly replaced in a "snap!".

Q#65: What did you used to do before working at "blank?" (65 down, 35 to go)
I was unemployed for just over 1 year (14 months), but before that, I used to work "part/part-time" in Shopper's World Brampton mall (not enough hours to be considered "part-time")... But the main one, on-and-off, was the "t-shirt booth" (2005-2010) that used to be between Pharma Plus and Limite.

Q#66: What the hell happened to that little dinky booth? (66 down, 34 to go)
It closed down, due to poor revenues, obviously... Though it sucked, and felt quite embarrassing to be working there (everywhere else didn't wanna hire me), it did have it's "golden years"... I was hired just towards the end of it, then the recession "black hole" came in, taking down many businesses.

Q#67: Did that little dinky booth pay you "okay money" though? (67 down, 33 to go)
Hahahaha, what do you think, depends on which owner I guess (I worked under 3 of them, cause, the business kept getting sold)... First owner, I was making $6/hour, 30-45 hours/week... Second owner, $5/hour, 6-30 hours/week... Final owner, $7/hour, 8-25 hours/week (paid full cash, no taxes).

Q#68: You worked for five fucking dollars an hour (how was that legal)? (68 down, 32 to go)
It wasn't legal at all, but I was working under Pakistani owners, so that was how they did business... Mall management never questioned me personally nor was I ever on their files as an employee... But I couldn't ask for "minimum wage", since they wouldn't give, and I didn't want to be "replaced".

Q#69: How did you get this new job (after so many failed interviews)? (69 down, 31 to go)
I had a very well drawn-out "jobs plan", I did myself (with Google, Word and local transit maps) in late-August... Also, credit to the parents, for "funding it" (print outs and bus tickets)... Executed it in late-September, applied everywhere in-person (wearing a tie), and actually passed 1 interview (out of 6).

Q#70: So why hasn't your new "girlfriend plan" not succeeded yet? (70 down, 30 to go)
Perhaps my approach is somewhat obsolete, in that I am solely relying on "blogging" to get myself across, when I should be using a more technological one (like YouTube)... Having been on social sites for 10 years now, I can definately tell you, way less people "read blogs" now than pre-2008.

Q#71: Then why haven't you done the "YouTube" thing yet? (71 down, 29 to go)
LOL... Well, if I did, I'd probably be "parodied" over it many times by now... And sometimes, "going viral" doesn't always benefit people, it could make "matters worst"... Plus, I'd have to come into "acceptence" of my appearance and my voice, which I'm not as of yet (and doubt I'll ever be).

Q#72: So you're just going to keep blogging then? (72 down, 28 to go)
For the moment, that's just how it's going to have to be, until I perhaps learn to do some "video production skills"... I mean, I'd always thought about wearing a "Lucha" mask or a "Hollywood Undead" mask, but that might "detract" (scare away girls)... And of course, lead to further "parodies".

Q#73: If you were going to kill yourself, are you gonna blog about it? (73 down, 27 to go)
LMFAO... You're certainly asking the hardball questions here... Obviously, no, which reminds of something... A lesson learned from the past, never ever advertise or email/text/IM anyone of such "plans", cause you'll get "fucked over"... Experienced it once before, hopefully never again.

Q#74: Don't you think "such honesty" will get you "fucked over" again? (74 down, 26 to go)
That's a very interesting question, perhaps the most smartest one you've asked, 74 questions in (way to go!)... Yeah, I feel quite "sickly" when discussing "such subjects", like I may end up "cuffed" for them (again!)... But sometimes, "in the name of love", you tend to do "all sorts of crazy things".

Q#75: Any "special words" you have to say to the "people of power"? (75 down, 25 to go)
YES... I have a goal, a vision, a mission in life, and it's written in crystal clear font, and so be it if I'm on the internet to find it... Don't waste "tax payers" money, working on "my case", when there real "crimes" being looked over... And don't think "a new medication" could be the fucking solution!


Q#76: Here we are now, last chapter, are you ready? (76 down, 24 to go)
I sure fucking am, but I ask of you though, please shoot to the questions that reallly matter... I mean, I think I've talked enough about, you know... I mean, we all know "it" will happen eventually, talking about it more only feeds information the "wrong people" (hence the previous question).... So please.

Q#77: So, the million dollar question, why the rush for a girlfriend? (77 down, 23 to go)
Would you really use the ridiculous term of "rush", if you were in my shoes, having never experience the "greatest feeling in the world"? All it fucking is, is wanting to have it, before I'm "old and grey"... Some might say, you'll appreciate it more then, and maybe... but I'll be even more uglier by then.

Q#78: Why do you claim to be "ugly"? A percentage seems to disagree. (78 down, 22 to go)
One doesn't throw the word "ugly" around for nothing, I say it, cause I've felt it my whole life (from public school to this very day)... And there's no avoiding being reminded of it, without being literally told it, from reading girls faces I pass by (in public) to the everyday nature of "no replies" (online).

Q#79: Just cause you get "no replies" means your "garaunteed ugly"? (79 down, 21 to go)
Kinda, and while 'that question' you ask might make me look bad, let me counter with my own question... Have you ever meddled around with "fake accounts", you know, pretending to be some other guy (better looking guy)? I have, and the results speak, my looks definately are a "factor".

Q#80: Fake accounts, you don't really do that shit bro, do you? (80 down, 20 to go)
Sorry to dissapoint you "bro" in saying, sometimes I do, just for short periods... I mean, I would spend hours building my (actual) profile, and be waiting hours on days for "a reply"... But I've had fakes, with just a tiny/blank bio, and had "replies" within hours... And ain't like the pics are "models".

Q#81: Why don't you make your profile really tiny then? And no blogs! (81 down, 19 to go)
I have tried that, many times, and still do (as experiments for a week or two)... The results are the same, no fucking replies, unless I message 100 girls and see maybe 10-15 of them reply... If I was not ugly, then perhaps alot more than 10-15 of those same 100 would reply, I can bet money on that.

Q#82: Don't you think "your site" hurts your chances of a girlfriend? (82 down, 18 to go)
Ummm, I see "my site" as a stepping stone, in getting to better place in life... While my site/blog may currently depict me as being "in the gutter" (at the moment), once "somebody" helps pull me from out of the sewer, I think I may finally be able to fully operate like a normal human being again.

Q#83: But how can you have a girlfriend and run this "sad blog"? (83 down, 17 to go)
Uh, if I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't have to run this "sad blog" (moron!)... The point of this blog is to get me to the girlfriend, and once I've got "it", I can say goodbye to the "internet life" including this "sad blog"... You seriously think I would blog to the world about what I do with my girlfriend?

Q#84: If you finally found a girlfriend... then what next? (84 down, 16 to go)
Well, it really depends on the "Mrs.", and how we both plan to start "our new life "... Most likely, I will be shutting down the blog, or (if upon agreement) I keep the site up with just "a final posting" (of farewell and congratulations!)... It would no doubt be the single greatest thing to ever happen to me.

Q#85: What would your ideal "new life" be (having the girlfriend)? (85 down, 15 to go)
Hard to say, cause I have no clue as to who "the somebody" would be, and what their lifestyle is... But I would prefer somebody who's in high school and/or is working, however, I don't want anyone currently enrolled in college or university... Idiotic as that sounds, I can explain further, so do ask.

Q#86: Yeah for sure, please, can you explain such idiocy? (86 down, 14 to go)
To explain it in 3 lines (maximum), that's gonna be tough, so here I try... I hate the fucking mindset of people in post-secondary, I mean, good for you... You're trying to aim to a job that will earn you
"six figures", and without that "piece of paper", you can't get it... (can I get more time to explain?)

Q#87: Yes, continue on ahead, can explain more of this idiocy? (87 down, 13 to go)
Thanks, so, as I was saying... To make "six figures", you gotta go into post-secondary, and pretty much become a mindless drone who's #1 focus has to be "books"... You can try to have both books + love life, but unfortunately, the love life will be utter shit... Don't want books in the way of my love.

Q#88: Then what about people who finished post-secondary? (88 down, 12 to go)
The problem with women with bachelor's, phD's or MDA's is they reach a level of egotisticalness, requiring "their man" to be of equal education level (or at least "on their way there"), in order to be satisfied... Since, I don't intend on ever going to college or uni, I can't "fit the bill" of a graduate's ego.

Q#89: Aren't you too fuckin' old to date a high schooler? (89 down, 11 to go)
Yes and no, yes -being with a "freshmen"-, and no -being with a "mid-to-senior"... There's a big diff, but pointless to have to explain, since society is "programmed" to reject the notion of "students dating non-students"... But I would function better with "one of them" than "some old, used hag".

Q#90: But aren't you an "old, used hag" yourself? (90 down, 10 to go)
ROFLMAO! The "old" part is debatable, while I may be old "on paper", the physical body and face tells "a completely different story"... Still have to get ID'ed to this day (just put it that way)... As for the "used" part, undebatable, I ain't since "I've not yet dated anyone" (takes at least 3 partners).

Q#91: Does anybody ever believe "that lie" (come on now!)? (91 down, 9 to go)
Well cause you see, when I was alot younger, I didn't appreciate the value of love and perhaps turned down alot of "love opportunities" (thinking I could score 'better')... But as I got older and older (and uglier), the opportunities declined and declined, and now I'm at the point it's come to a "dead halt".

Q#92: Can you recall your last "love opportunity"? (92 down, 8 to go)
YA! There was this one girl at "Rainbows" (kids store) in Shopper's World mall (2009-????), and we mingled a bit, when I went by her store... Her name was Richa, 18-21-ish, born in India... I didn't appreciate her much as I should have, and when I finally started to (after 1 year), she "turned on me".

Q#93: How the hell did she "turn on you"? Sounds a little BS to me! (93 down, 7 to go)
There was 8 months, we didn't see eachother, then we did (in Shopper's World)... We exchanged numbers, and texted about 6 times (total), she sounded real bored of me and I sorta texted her off... Saw her month after that, she walked past me... I even saw her again a month ago, did the same!

Q#94: So technically you turned on her first, wouldn't you think? (94 down, 6 to go)
Well, that's debatable, maybe I might have... I mean, she seemed really happy when she saw me that one time, but I didn't text her until 3 days after (I had a job, keep in mind)... Maybe she was hoping for a text or call soon as I could have, and I took too long, she didn't give a fuck anymore.

Q#95: Do you still 'give a fuck' about her (or 'fuck it')? (95 down, 5 to go)
Haha, well, yes I indeed do... I was so blind, when it came to "all the signs" (she was giving me),
I even had a coworker who would always taunt me about "how she looks at me (when we talked)"... But yeah, I was too blind to see it, maybe I was too high over some other girl in the mall at the time.

Q#96: So would you drop all this "online bullshit", to be with her? (96 down, 4 to go)
Yes, for sure, would do anything to get with her... And yeah, already searched facebook/twitter, to no avail (in whatever resembled her first name, don't know the last)... So the whole Richa story is a layer in itself to the whole DVSNGH "character", and how I'm so fucked up the way I am, I coulda had it!

Q#97: Any specifics you're looking for in that ideal girlfriend? (97 down, 3 to go)
Well, I hate to be race-specific, but the "visions" have me sensing towards a girl of Indian descent... Either it could be of West Indian or East Indian origins, while both have their goods and bads, I tend to lean more towards those of the "East" (India, Sri Lanka) despite coming from the "West" (Guyana).

Q#98: So why the whole girl of Indian descent thing? Care to explain. (98 down, 2 to go)
Obviously, since I'm Indian myself, and I don't feel too confidently on "interracial first relationships"... And let's see, I have a brother who married a Russian, and the other about to marry an Asian... So,
I want to continue the pattern of "something different", so it's either Indian (yay!) or African (nay!).

Q#99: What is so "nay!" about black girls? You fuckin' racist to them?! (99 down, 1 to go)
Technically, I can't really be "racist" to them, if I still want to put my "you know" in their "you know"... Call the "NAACP", when I say this, but here it goes... Black girls don't know the value to "true love"... Their "sex" might be 'better', than with 'other colors', but let's just say "their fire gives out quicker".

Q#100: OMFG, we just hit the "100!!!" Mark, what to do?! *PANIC MODE* (100 down, done!)
Oh no, I guess the unlikely has happened, I think it's time we book a "15 question overtime" now... Pretend it's "Wheel Of Fortune", and all is going smooth and suddenly the *DING HITS*, and we go straight to "flash mode"... So get all your questions ready, let's buzz through them, no need to panic!


Q#101: Internet rumours say... "You're 30 years old"... is that true (say it ain't so)?! (O/T)
Internet rumours also say Michael Jackson's death was "intentional" (I think it could be true)... If so, GOD bless MJ, he chose to leave this shithole (and is off to a much better place)... Wish I can "exit" this place "exactly" like he, hold a sec, PR manager stepped in... "What's that, I'm sayin' too much?"

Q#102: So how the fuck old are you exactly then? (O/T)
Hold on, let me get an online calculator, and I tell you EXACTLY how old (pinging results this sec)... Exactly 11218 days, 269232 hours, and 16153920 mins ago I was cursed pon this wretched earth... So I think even a 3rd grader can breakdown "the math", if you don't like "it", I feel 'just the same'.

Q#103: What do you have to say to all your "H8ers" in the E-world? (O/T)
Yeah obviously, there's ALOT more people who hate what they see in "The world of DVSNGH", than those who approve... Well, alls I got to say is, "Relax! Chillax! And let me live out my last days"... And when you read bout "it" in the papers, I'll be in "a better place", than the shithole you grovel in.

Q#104: Are you in "a major rush" to get married or something? (O/T)
Nope, just cause I have 2 brothers who already "passed the mark", doesn't mean I'm panicking to... In fact, I don't fully ever intend on marrying, until I maybe hit 38/39 (just before 40)... That's of course, if I'm even "alive" by then, the highly likelyhood is I won't be (at the rate "things" are going now).

Q#105: What if you met a girl, dated her for a while, and "it doesn't work out"? (O/T)
Well, I'll just have to kickstart the blog again, and explain all the "fine details"... OF COURSE NOT!
Just wanted to startle some people "with that", cause I know there are so many idiots out there who think I'd go do that... If it doesn't work out, it doesn't, wouldn't be "the end of the world" for me.

Q#106: How exactly would you like "things to work out"? (O/T)
Simple, we take things in "simple steps", the way I "operate things"... 1) Private Message/Email; 2) Text Message; 3) Short Phone Call; 4) Web Cam/Iphone Cam (important step); 5) Long Phone Call; and anywhere between the steps "3 and 5", we can meet-up at any time (somewhere open public).

Q#107: And where exactly from there? (O/T)
Depends on first meet, I guess, and if we really "connect" or not... We can either "split" in a matter of minutes, or we could just "chill", and actually devote "time" in seeing if there could be a possible future between us or not... And from that moment, we try the "dating thing", and I think it might work.

Q#108: When would you officially declare it "boyfriend/girlfriend" status? (O/T)
I would say after "date #2", I mean, either date#1 could go "iffy!" or "great!"... And if it does go great, then great, we would just have to see if the "magic!" wasn't just a fluke deal... And if we both feel that same "spark!", you could either call for "date #3, #4, or #5" or just officially declare us "in love!".

Q#109: Any "obstacles" you think might get in "our way" (of bonding)? (O/T)
Yeah, despite this whole "perfect plan" I got (when it comes to supposedly mastering a relationship), I've got some flaws that may "intervene"... Not very enthusiastic with "the phone", might take a while for me to "take that step", lot of bad experiences with "girls and calls" that have since "affected" me.

Q#110: I also heard ya say "some flaws" there, so yeah, what else? (O/T)
If you ever saw me for real, there's a tad problem with my eyes, I somewhat lack in "eye contact"...
Wish I knew the medical term for it, but yeah, when I talk/listen my eyes tend to be "elsewhere"... Might have some to do with confidence, I dunno, hopefully "she" can help fix this slight dilemma.

Q#111: Oh Dave, enlighten us with some more dilemmas, can you? (O/T)
Fuck you, um, Dave (?)... Ok then, fine, one more... I also kinda lack in the "smiles department"... Not to say I don't smile, I can smile, but seems mostly upon "negative matters"... I've also been told
I look "too serious" and (get this...) "funeralish"... Again, I hope "she" comes along, and fixes this.

Q#112: Do you expect a single girl to read this "Q&A" shit and still "go out" you? (O/T)
Sounds out of this world, but yes I do, very confidently do... In fact, I'd want a girl to print "this" out,
and bring it on our date as "devotion"... Well, that sounds pretty fucked actually, I take that back... But, seriously though, I'd love if this was on my girlfriend's wall in her room (I'd even autograph it!).

Q#113: What's next, after this perhaps FAILS! Another 100 questions, MAYBE? (O/T)
LOL, no, and I don't plan on "replacing" any questions either (tho I may be sometimes tempted to)... I think I did good thing here, and it can never get outdated, it's where I "was" before "I met her "... And if I couldn't "find her", well, it shows what I "had" to "offer the world" (if I ever decided to go...)

Q#114: What do you have to say to all the people "laughing at this"? (O/T)
Yeah, for sure, I know there are enough peoples reading and laughing at this and passing "the link"... I really don't care, despite whatever the fuck the syndrome or 2 or 3 I've got, I am who I fucking am... I got a brain, so proud it works, and loves comin up with creative ways for one to express themselves.

Q#115: The clock is officially running down... "3... 2... 1..."... Famous last words? (O/T)
Hey, so I just wanted to make these last 3 lines out specifically, to the future potential "Mrs. to be"...
While this whole "presentation", and introduction of you and I, may have started on the "awkward",
I just wanted to tell you, from the bottom of my heart, "thank you!" for giving me "the chance"
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kikibun went to click my prof to see if i look suitable for love pink, and she PMed to tell me yes, and i should look into what they have in green
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kikibun went to click my prof to see if i look suitable for love pink, and she PMed to tell me yes, and i should look into what they have in green

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kikibun went to click my prof to see if i look suitable for love pink, and she PMed to tell me yes, and i should look into what they have in green

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