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Age: 25
Location: Scarborough
Country: Jamaica


Age: 24
Location: Mississauga
Country: Mixed


Age: 23
Location: Brampton
Country: Canada


Age: 21
Location: Markham
Country: Trinidad And Tobago


Age: 19
Location: Etobicoke
Country: Jamaica


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Death Is Reality. After you die don't think that will be the end of your existence, rather you will be made to stand before All Mighty ALLAH (swt) to give account every single movement of yours will be written down in a clear book as ALLAH (swt) mentions in the Quraan. Dont fall in to the tricks of shaytaan verily ALLAH is all knowing of what you do and what your hearts conceal. Nothing is hidden from ALLAH, it is he who is the creator of the heavens and the earth and everything in them. So if you wish to stand before your Lord where he would be pleased with you, follow the teachings of the beloved of ALLAH, who is the last prophet to come on the face of the earth, and there will not be another prophet to come after him, Mohammed S.A.W true success lies in his teaching alone. It is only till death that your life is tested after that you WILL be made to stand before ALLAH. All Powerful, Most Wise.

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